What is structured workplace learning?

Are you ready to take your employees’ skills and performance up a notch? Our structured workplace learning solution is the answer! With our comprehensive training program, your team can acquire new knowledge with ease, stay ahead of the competition, and drive productivity. Put simply – it’s an unbeatable opportunity for success.

What is structured workplace learning?

Structured workplace learning is a comprehensive approach to employee education and growth tailored to your organization’s objectives. This type of training incorporates carefully crafted curriculums, targeted performance outcomes, and specialized instruction from expert tutors or instructors in the form of webinars, virtual conferences, online classes/workshops, digital courses – all geared towards job-specific development paths.

By investing in structured workplace learning, your employees will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to boost their job performance and grow their careers. As a result, you can expect tangible gains for your business such as increased productivity levels, enhanced customer service quality, or greater sales numbers.

Structured workplace learning doesn’t just extend to technical abilities instruction, it additionally includes honing in on softer skills such as leadership, communication capabilities, teamwork organization and time management. Compliance training and sales/marketing are likewise essential facets which can reap the rewards of structured education.

Our structured workplace learning services:

At eSoft, we recognize that no two businesses are exactly alike. To ensure your organization is equipped with the necessary tools and techniques to succeed, we design customized training and development programs tailored specifically to you. Our knowledgeable trainers and coaches have committed themselves to helping employees master new skills while providing them ample opportunities for growth on the job.

Soft Skills Training:

Develop foundational professional skills with Soft Skills Training. Our training is designed to help employees strengthen their communication, collaboration, time management and conflict resolution abilities in order to foster better relationships internally and externally. We equip your team with the tools necessary for successful interactions that will benefit both the organization as a whole and its customers/clients on an individual level.

Leadership Development:

This training program is tailored to help employees cultivate and master the crucial abilities necessary for successful leadership. Amongst many other topics, this curriculum covers strategic thinking, decision-making processes, inspiring and guiding others as well as initiating transformations in organizations.

Management Training:

If you’re a manager and want to maximize your team’s success, look no further. Our Management Training is designed specifically for that goal! Learn the fundamentals of planning and organizing, sharpening decision-making skills, motivating teams, monitoring performance – everything you need to become an effective leader who gets results.

Customer Service Training:

This customer service training is intended to equip employees with the skills and understanding necessary for delivering exceptional customer service. From communicating in a professional and courteous manner, de-escalating conflicts or disputes, to creating lasting relationships – this program covers it all!

Sales Training:

This sales training will help employees master the necessary skills and knowledge to sell products or services at a higher level. It provides comprehensive guidance on topics like understanding customer needs, delivering persuasive presentations, finalizing deals with confidence, and cultivating enduring customer relationships.

Compliance Training:

Compliance Training is created to ensure that employees are aware of and follow all the relevant legislation, regulations, standards, and policies. It covers topics such as data security measures; GDPR compliance; anti-corruption laws; bribery avoidance initiatives—and more!

Marketing Training:

Ready to develop and execute impactful marketing campaigns? Our training is designed specifically for that purpose, arming participants with the knowledge of digital marketing, market research processes, segmentation approaches, targeting strategies, positioning techniques and branding tactics.

Human Resources (HR) Training:

Equip yourself with the necessary tools to become a successful HR professional – our training is your ticket! This program has been crafted for those wanting to learn about managing and supporting employees, as well as how to properly conduct recruitment and selection processes. Additionally, gain an insight into employee relations, performance management techniques, along with understanding labor laws and regulations.

Learning/Training and Development (T&D / L&D) Professional Training:

Enhance your Training and Development (T&D) and Learning & Development (L&D) skills with this comprehensive Professional Training program. Our course provides T&D/L&D professionals the opportunity to learn about instructional design, adult learning theory, facilitation techniques, evaluation strategies, program management practices and budgeting basics – all essential elements for delivering successful training programs.

With our experiential instruction approach you will be well-equipped to develop meaningful solutions that meet business needs as well as cultivate a culture of continuous improvement in any organization!

Organizational Development (OD) Professional Training:

Organizational Development (OD) Professional Training:

This course is tailored to assist OD professionals in acquiring the expertise and knowledge required for organizing and executing organizational transitions that will bolster business objectives. Subjects including shift management, organization architecture, and culture transformation are all covered during this training.

It’s critical to recognize that honing an organization’s L&D / T&D professional’s capabilities can significantly amplify the effectiveness of their entire training system.

By investing in their employees’ professional development, organizations can ensure that the personnel have the necessary expertise and skill to create training programs that help attain organizational objectives. Investing in employee growth is a surefire way for companies to reach success!

We offer a range of training formats, from instructor-led classroom courses equipped with all the materials to virtual e-learning and blended learning. Whatever your organization’s particular requirements, we can provide tailored trainings for staff members of any level – whether they’re fresh recruits or senior executives!

Would you like to give your employees the chance to further their development while providing substantial rewards for your business? If so, we urge you to learn more about our training and growth programs! Your investment in personnel will have remarkable benefits both on an individual basis as well as a larger scale. Act now and build an excited and skilled workforce!

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