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Welcome to esoftskills.com your go-to for all of your professional growth requirements.

We are a dynamic and inventive business that specializes in providing comprehensive training solutions for personnel development, leadership, management and soft skills.

Our group of experienced trainers and educators is devoted to aiding individuals as well as organizations reach their highest potentials while remaining ahead of the competition within their relevant arenas!

If you are seeking to equip your staff with the necessary talents, cultivate yourself as a leader, or expand both individually and professionally—we have all that is needed for you to succeed. Our wealth of knowledge and expertise will assist in helping drive growth within your organization.

Our programmes are highly engaging, interactive and intended to supply invaluable knowledge that can be utilized straight away.

At esoftskills.com, we recognize the necessity of continual professional advancement. Our training solutions are tailored to your budget and requirements so that individual growth and corporate upskilling is not only possible but convenient as well. Whether you’re an aspiring learner or a business looking for employee development, our services can help make it happen.

Mission Statement

At esoftskills.com, our aim is to equip HR & training managers with the resources they need to create an impactful learning experience for their employees and management team. We offer quality tools, training programs, and solutions that are designed to maximize your organization’s performance so you can reach your business objectives. Our comprehensive yet innovative approach gives clients access to the highest-quality training material which will help them boost their capabilities and achieve success in a competitive environment.

Company Values

  1. Customer Focus: Our main priority is our clients. We make sure to tune in and attentively listen to their feedback, allowing us to create personalized training solutions that supplement their particular challenges and ambitions. By delivering efficient services based on what they need, we never fail at surpassing expectations.
  2. Dedication to Improvement: We are committed to providing our clients with the best services and top-notch training. Our team is constantly researching for new trends, exploring innovative approaches, and updating ourselves on the current developments in this industry — all so that we can continue to provide you with exceptional offerings.
  3. Collaboration: Our main priority is our clients. We make sure to tune in and attentively listen to their feedback, allowing us to create personalized training solutions that supplement their particular challenges and ambitions. By delivering efficient services based on what they need, we never fail at surpassing expectations!
  4. Quality: Excellence: Our team is devoted to giving our customers the finest training solutions and resources available. We proudly uphold rigid standards of excellence in all of our services, guaranteeing that each program we offer are based on facts, successful, and captivating.
  5. Integrity: Integrity is the cornerstone of what we do. We are devoted to conducting our business with transparency and fairness, aiming to exceed expectations in terms of integrity, honesty, and professionalism at all times. Our ambition is always to establish strong relationships founded on trustworthiness and reciprocated respect.

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If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our training solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our team is always available to assist you and help you achieve your goals.

email us at support@esoftskills.com


Meet the Team

About Us esoftskills

eSoftSkills Training Solutions is devoted to offering the best in corporate training solutions and online courses, designed to empower individuals and organizations with a set of refined soft skills, leadership aptitudes, management capabilities, sales prowesses and marketing finesse. Allow us to introduce you to our superior team of professionals who are making it possible!

Jack Lim – CEO

Jack Lim, a certified training and development professional with an MBA degree, leads eSoftSkills Training Solutions to make exceptional learning available to everyone. Jack has been involved in corporate education for more than 15 years and his genuine enthusiasm for helping others is what drives him to take control of the company. His goal? To create top-notch resources that are easily accessible.

Matthew Lee – Accounting Manager

Matthew Lee, our dedicated Accounting Manager, is responsible for overseeing all financial matters at eSoftSkills Training Solutions. With a keen eye for detail and a strong background in financial management, Matthew ensures the financial health and stability of our organization. His expertise in accounting and finance helps us make informed decisions, enabling us to continually invest in and improve our training solutions. Matthew’s commitment to accuracy and efficiency supports our mission of delivering exceptional learning experiences to our clients.

Alex Karsch – Personal & Career Development Content Writer

Alex Karsch is a distinguished Personal & Career Development Content Writer at esoftskills.com, where he leverages his extensive 15-year experience to create impactful content in the fields of psychology, business, personal and professional development. With a career dedicated to enlightening and empowering individuals and organizations, Alex has become a pivotal figure in transforming lives through his insightful and practical guidance. His work is driven by a profound understanding of human behavior and market dynamics, enabling him to deliver content that is not only informative but also truly transformative.

Joanna Wong – Sales Director

Joanna Wong is the Sales Director at eSoftSkills Training Solutions and she plays an integral role in spreading the word about our courses. She offers customized training solutions for corporate clients and is passionate about helping them to develop their employees’ skill sets. Joanna has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and has extensive experience in sales, making her an invaluable member of the team.

Angela Li – Director of Content Development

For the last 3 years, Angela Li has been responsible for developing and creating all eSoftSkills online courses. Showcasing her deep understanding of current instructional approaches as well as skill in curriculum design, she is devoted to crafting relevant content that captures attention while also being practical and effective. With an impressive Master’s degree in Education coupled with certification as an education specialist under her belt, Angela ensures successful completion of the task at hand.

Lisa Wilhelm – Human Resources Partner

Lisa Wilhelm is a dedicated HR Partner and key member of our management team, whose vast experience in talent management spans multiple leading companies around the world. Lisa understands that people are an organization’s most valuable resource and she works tirelessly to ensure that each employee has the resources they need to offer top-notch service to our clients. With her Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management as well as PHR certification, Lisa stands out above all else when it comes to supporting teams with effective human capital strategies.

Maria Nena – Leadership Development Consultant

Maria Nena is a Leadership Development Consultant for eSoftSkills Online Training Solutions. She brings more than 10 years of experience in designing and delivering innovative learning programs to the table. Maria holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Management, which gives her an edge when it comes to helping our clients reach their goals. Her dedication to creating quality materials and her ability to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends make her an invaluable member of our team.

Chester Chang – Training Facilitator

Chester Chang is a Training Facilitator for eSoftSkills Online Training Solutions, helping clients learn new skills and develop their abilities. Chester’s background in instructional design and knowledge of adult learning theories make him a great asset to our team. He is passionate about helping others reach their goals, and has dedicated himself to delivering high-quality training materials that are engaging and effective. With his expertise in the field, he is able to ensure that clients have access to all the resources they need for success. Chester’s qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree in Education, as well as being a certified training and development professional. We are lucky to have him onboard!

Adam Karr – Learning and Development Consultant

Adam Karr has been working closely with eSoftSkills Training Solutions as our Learning and Development Consultant. His comprehensive understanding of corporate training, human resource management and educational design makes him a great asset to the team. He holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology and Education, lending credibility to the courses he develops alongside our staff. Adam also possesses a passion for reaching out to help others, and he takes great pride in being able to do that through his work with eSoftSkills Training Solutions.



At eSoftSkills Training Solutions, we are committed to providing the highest quality training and development programs to help individuals and organizations reach their goals. Our management team works round the clock to make sure that each course meets our high expectations for excellence. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the results! Get in touch today to learn more about eSoftSkills Training Solutions and how it can benefit your organization.

Our Course Content Creation Contractors/Consultants are Based in USA, Canada, Ireland and the UK

At our company, we firmly believe that the excellence of our training programs begins with excellent course content. That being said, we are delighted to partner with experienced consultants and highly knowledgeable writers from America, Canada, Ireland and Britain for producing top-notch quality content for many of our training courses!