Type 9: The Peacemaker

Understanding Type 9: The Peacemaker Explained

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Type 9, also known as The Peacemaker, is an Enneagram personality type characterized by their desire to maintain inner and outer peace, while avoiding conflicts. They are typically gentle, agreeable, and focused on maintaining harmony in their relationships and environment.

The core motivations of Type 9 include creating harmony, avoiding tension, and preserving the status quo. They fear loss and separation and seek inner stability and peace of mind. The Peacemaker can exhibit traits of being easygoing, self-effacing, and complacent. They strive to bring people together, heal conflicts, and resist anything that disrupts their sense of peace.

Key Takeaways:

  • Type 9, The Peacemaker, is an Enneagram personality type focused on maintaining harmony and avoiding conflicts.
  • The core motivations of Type 9 include creating harmony, avoiding tension, and preserving the status quo.
  • The Peacemaker exhibits traits of being easygoing, self-effacing, and complacent.
  • Type 9 individuals strive to bring people together, heal conflicts, and resist disruptions to their peace of mind.
  • Type 9 is associated with the Enneagram Nine with an Eight-Wing (“The Referee”) and the Enneagram Nine with a One-Wing (“The Dreamer”).

Type Nine Overview

Welcome to the world of Type Nine, also known as The Peacemaker in the Enneagram system. Nines are individuals who prioritize peace and harmony in their lives and relationships. They are accepting, trusting, and stable individuals with a desire for everything to go smoothly, avoiding conflicts whenever possible.

Nines have a creative and optimistic outlook, supporting others and maintaining a tranquil environment. They may tend to be complacent and simplify problems to preserve their inner peace. A core fear of Type Nine is loss and separation, while their core desire is inner stability and peace of mind.

“Nines possess a remarkable ability to bring people together and resolve conflicts.”

Nines are known for their effectiveness in mediating disputes and healing fractured relationships. By fostering inclusivity and embodying traits from other Enneagram types, Nines play a crucial role in maintaining balance and harmony.

It’s important to note that Nines can exhibit different traits depending on their wing subtype. Nines with an Eight-Wing are sometimes referred to as “The Referee,” as they showcase independence, adaptability, and assertiveness. On the other hand, Nines with a One-Wing are known as “The Dreamer,” characterized by their principled nature, hard work ethic, and attention to detail.

The Peacemaker type is often symbolized by the crown in the Enneagram symbol, representing inclusivity and the integration of various traits from other types.

Let’s now explore the levels of development for Type Nine individuals.

Levels of Development

The development of a Type Nine personality can be categorized into different levels. Understanding these levels can provide insight into the healthy and unhealthy aspects of Type 9 individuals.

Healthy Levels of Type 9

In healthy states, Nines exhibit self-possession, fulfillment, and a profound sense of equanimity and contentment. They are fully present and deeply connected to themselves and others, fostering harmonious relationships and environments.

At Level 2 of development, Nines embody deep receptivity, acceptance, and serenity. They are unselfconscious, patient, and genuinely nice people. Their healing and calming influence allows them to harmonize groups and mediate conflicts effectively.

“Healthy Nines radiate a quiet, inner peace that has a profound impact on those around them.”

Unhealthy Levels of Type 9

On the flip side, when Nines operate at the unhealthy end of the spectrum, they may display behaviors associated with the Schizoid and Dependent personality disorders.

At Level 4, Nines become disengaged, unreflective, and inattentive, avoiding being affected by life’s challenges. They may resort to passive behaviors, comfort themselves with daydreaming and fantasies, and lose touch with their own desires.

At the most unhealthy level (Level 9), Nines can become highly repressed, disoriented, and even catatonic. They disconnect from reality, abandoning themselves and their connections with others.

It is crucial for Type 9 individuals to recognize and strive for personal growth, aiming for a balanced and healthy mindset.

Level Healthy Unhealthy
1 Self-possessed, fulfilled, equanimity, contentment Highly repressed, disoriented, catatonic
2 Deeply receptive, accepting, serene Disengaged, unreflective, inattentive

Compatibility with Other Types

The compatibility of Type Nine with other Enneagram types can vary depending on the individual and their level of self-awareness and personal growth. Nines are generally easy to get along with and can adapt well to different personalities. They are nonjudgmental and accepting of others.

When it comes to relationships, Nines can have positive dynamics with types that complement their ability to create harmony and avoid conflicts. They can have good compatibility with types One, Two, and Six.

The presence of conflict may be challenging for Nines, so building understanding and effective communication is important for nurturing healthy relationships with individuals of different Enneagram types.

Enneagram Type Compatibility with Type Nine
Type One A harmonious blend of idealism and peacekeeping tendencies
Type Two A caring and supportive partnership focused on mutual understanding
Type Six A sense of security and loyalty in a relationship

Enneagram 9 Strengths and Blindspots

Type Nine, The Peacemaker, possesses several strengths that contribute to their ability to create harmony and maintain peace. Nines are known for being cooperative, easygoing, generous, patient, receptive, diplomatic, open-minded, and empathetic. They excel at listening to others and providing unbiased mediation and perspective. Nines have a gift for accepting others without prejudice, making people feel understood and accepted.

However, there are also blindspots associated with Type Nine. Nines may struggle with passive-aggressiveness, avoidance, lethargy, procrastination, laziness, and indecisiveness. They can have difficulty asserting their own needs and desires, often prioritizing the wants and needs of others above their own. Developing self-awareness and learning to communicate openly are essential for personal growth and overcoming blindspots.

Type Nine Strengths Type 9 Blindspots
Cooperative Passive-aggressiveness
Easygoing Avoidance
Generous Lethargy
Patient Procrastination
Receptive Laziness
Diplomatic Indecisiveness

Enneagram 9 Wings

When it comes to Enneagram Type Nine, individuals can exhibit different wing subtypes that influence their overall expression of traits. These wings further contribute to the complexity and uniqueness of a Type Nine personality. Understanding the influence of these wing subtypes can provide valuable insights into the nuances of a Type Nine’s character.

Nines with an Eight-Wing (9w8) bring their own distinct qualities to the mix. They tend to be independent, adaptable, and assertive individuals. Their natural leadership qualities make them excel in positions that require mediation and guidance. Throughout their lives, Nines with an Eight-Wing actively seek personal growth, embracing challenges, and taking charge when necessary. Their assertiveness and adaptability allow them to navigate various situations confidently.

On the other hand, Nines with a One-Wing (9w1) present a different set of characteristics. Individuals with a Nine-One wing combination are known for their principled nature, hard work ethic, and attention to detail. They approach life and work with a serious and diligent mindset, consistently striving for perfection. Their principled outlook guides their actions, allowing them to uphold integrity and moral standards in everything they do.

Here’s a quick comparison of the primary traits associated with both wing subtypes:

Wing Characteristics
9w8 Independence
9w1 Principled nature
Hard work ethic
Attention to detail

By recognizing the presence of different wing subtypes, we can gain a deeper understanding of the diverse range of qualities that exist within the Type Nine personality. Each wing subtype adds its own unique flavor and contributes to the multifaceted nature of Type Nine individuals.

Type 9 in Relationships

In relationships, Type Nine individuals bring their cooperative and harmonizing nature. They are typically kind, gentle, and nonjudgmental, making them easy to be around. Nines are great listeners, providing space for others to express themselves without feeling judged. They have a gift for understanding different perspectives and can mediate conflicts effectively.

However, Nines may struggle with asserting their own needs and may avoid conflicts, potentially leading to issues of passive-aggressiveness and emotional distance. It is important for Nines to prioritize open communication, express their own desires, and address conflicts in a healthy and constructive manner to nurture fulfilling relationships.

“Nines have an incredible ability to create a peaceful and accepting environment in their relationships. They excel at listening and understanding others, which creates a strong sense of emotional support. However, Nines need to be mindful of their tendency to avoid conflict and neglect their own needs. By expressing themselves openly and directly addressing issues, Nines can create deeper connections and thriving relationships.”

Building open and honest communication is essential for Type Nine individuals to ensure their needs are met in relationships. It is important for Nines to develop self-awareness and assertiveness, allowing them to express their desires and boundaries without fear of conflict or rejection.

Type 9 Relationship Traits

Here are some key aspects of Type Nine relationship traits:

  • Cooperative: Nines in relationships are highly cooperative and accommodating, often putting the needs and desires of their partners first.
  • Harmonizing: Nines strive to create harmony and avoid conflicts, acting as mediators and peacekeepers in their relationships.
  • Listener: Nines are excellent listeners, providing a safe space for their partners to express themselves without judgment or interruption.
  • Understanding: Nines have a natural ability to understand and empathize with different perspectives, fostering an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion in their relationships.

To nurture healthy and fulfilling relationships, Type Nine individuals should focus on expressing their own needs, desires, and boundaries. It is essential for Nines to cultivate self-awareness and not suppress their own emotions and desires to maintain peace. By addressing conflicts directly and maintaining open communication, Nines can build deeper connections and create relationships filled with understanding and mutual growth.

Strengths in Relationships Blindspots in Relationships
  • Cooperative and accommodating
  • Gentle and nonjudgmental
  • Great listeners
  • Skilled at mediating conflicts
  • Empathetic and understanding
  • Struggle with asserting own needs
  • Avoidance of conflicts
  • Potential passive-aggressive behavior
  • Emotional distance
  • Tendency to prioritize others before themselves

It is important for Type Nine individuals to recognize the importance of their own needs and desires in relationships. By cultivating self-awareness and embracing open communication, Nines can create strong and fulfilling connections with their partners.

Development Opportunities for Enneagram Type 9s

Type Nine individuals have unique opportunities for personal growth and self-improvement. By engaging in specific growth tips and personal development practices, Nines can enhance their self-awareness and lead more fulfilling lives as Peacemakers.

Growth Tip 1: Learn to exert yourself

  • Engage actively in your surroundings rather than drifting away or daydreaming.
  • Be present in the moment and actively participate in your daily activities.

Growth Tip 2: Recognize and acknowledge your feelings

  • Allow yourself to experience and express a range of emotions, including negative emotions.
  • Acknowledge desires and needs that you may tend to suppress.

Growth Tip 3: Develop healthy self-discipline

  • Establish regular exercise routines to promote physical and mental well-being.
  • Make deliberate choices and take proactive steps towards achieving your goals.

Growth Tip 4: Embrace assertiveness and self-expression

  • Prioritize your own needs and desires, without neglecting the concerns of others.
  • Express yourself assertively, share your opinions, and actively participate in discussions.

By implementing these growth tips, Type Nine individuals can deepen their connections with others, prioritize their own well-being, and experience a more fulfilling and present life as they continue their journey of personal development.

How Rare are Enneagram 9s?

In a study conducted on more than 54,000 respondents, Type Nine individuals were found to make up approximately 13% of the population. This distribution was consistent among both men and women, with about 14% of women and 12% of men identifying as Type Nine. These findings indicate that Type Nine is a relatively common Enneagram type, and Peacemakers can be found in various social and professional settings.

Famous Enneagram Type 9s

Several notable individuals in various fields align with the Type Nine personality. Some famous Type Nine individuals include Marie Kondo, Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth II, Ariana Grande, Ronald Reagan, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Woody Harrelson, Zooey Deschanel, Ron Howard, Audrey Hepburn, and Morgan Freeman. These individuals have demonstrated traits associated with Type Nine, such as their peaceful and unassuming nature, ability to connect with others, and presence as reconcilers and healers in their respective domains. Observing their achievements can provide further insight into the strengths and qualities of Type Nine personalities.

Personality Field
Marie Kondo Organizing Consultant
Barack Obama Former President of the United States
Queen Elizabeth II Monarch
Ariana Grande Singer
Ronald Reagan Former President of the United States
Carl Jung Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst
Joseph Campbell Mythologist and Writer
Woody Harrelson Actor
Zooey Deschanel Actress and Singer-Songwriter
Ron Howard Director and Actor
Audrey Hepburn Actress and Humanitarian
Morgan Freeman Actor


Type Nine, The Peacemaker, is a personality type driven by a strong desire to create and maintain harmony in their lives and relationships. They excel at being cooperative, easygoing, diplomatic, and empathetic, making them natural mediators and healers in their social circles. However, Nines also have blindspots, including passive-aggressiveness, avoidance, and indecisiveness, which can hinder their personal growth and assertiveness.

To unlock their full potential, Type Nine individuals should focus on developing self-awareness and actively participating in their surroundings. By acknowledging and expressing their own needs and desires, they can avoid sacrificing their own well-being for the sake of maintaining peace. Embracing their intentions and nurturing healthy relationships will enable Nines to lead more fulfilling and present lives.

Whether it’s strengthening their communication skills, overcoming procrastination and lethargy, or learning to assert themselves, Type Nine individuals have incredible growth opportunities. By embracing these opportunities and striking a balance between their desire for peace and their individuality, Nines can become their most authentic and empowered selves.

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