Star Wars: The Old Republic crew skills

Star Wars: The Old Republic Crew Skills: A Comprehensive Guide

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Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey in the vast galaxy of Star Wars: The Old Republic? The Crew Skills system in this legendary online role-playing game allows players to gather resources, craft valuable items, and undertake thrilling missions with their crew of loyal companions. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, understanding the intricacies of crew skills is essential to maximize your gameplay experience.

The Old Republic offers a wide range of crew skills, each with its benefits and rewards. The skills are divided into three categories: gathering skills, crafting skills, and mission skills. Choosing the right combination of crew skills is crucial to suit your playstyle and achieve success in the game.

So, where do you begin? Let’s delve into the details of each crew skill category and explore the possibilities that await you in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Key Takeaways:

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic crew skills enhance your gameplay experience by allowing you to gather resources, craft items, and complete missions with your crew of companions.
  • Gathering skills include archaeology, bioanalysis, scavenging, and slicing, which enable you to collect valuable resources and items.
  • Crafting skills encompass armormech, armstech, artifice, biochem, cybertech, and synthweaving, allowing you to construct armor, weapons, and more.
  • Mission skills like diplomacy, investigation, treasure hunting, and underworld trading present opportunities to send your companions on various missions for valuable rewards.
  • Choose crew skills that align with your playstyle and goals, whether it be specializing in a crafting skill, focusing on gathering resources, or excelling in mission completion.

Gathering Skills

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, gathering skills form an essential component of the Crew Skills system, allowing players to collect valuable resources and items. There are four diverse types of gathering skills to choose from:

  1. Archaeology: With this skill, players can embark on quests to discover imbued items such as lightsaber crystals and ancient artifacts.
  2. Bioanalysis: This skill revolves around the collection of genetic material from creatures and plants, which can be used for crafting purposes.
  3. Scavenging: By salvaging materials and parts from old or damaged technology, players can acquire valuable resources for crafting.
  4. Slicing: Slicing is a unique skill that grants players access to secured computer systems and lockboxes, enabling them to acquire valuable data and rare schematics.

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, players have the freedom to choose gathering skills for all three of their crew skill slots, allowing for greater versatility and resource acquisition. Whether players aspire to uncover ancient artifacts, extract genetic material, salvage valuable components, or delve into systems with slicing, gathering skills are paramount in the journey through the galaxy.

Crafting Skills

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, crafting skills play a crucial role in empowering players to construct a wide range of useful items and gear. There are six different crafting skills available, each specializing in specific areas of expertise:

  1. Armormech: This crafting skill focuses on constructing personalized armor using durable metals and advanced electronic shielding, providing enhanced protection for the wearer.
  2. Armstech: Armstech is dedicated to crafting blasters, blaster rifles, and various weapon upgrades. A master armstech can create powerful and finely tuned firearms.
  3. Artifice: With artifice, players can create Jedi and Sith artifacts infused with the power of the Force. This crafting skill allows for the construction of lightsaber crystals, enhancements, and color crystals.
  4. Biochem: Biochem grants the ability to create performance-enhancing chemical serums and biological implants. These invaluable items bolster a character’s attributes and provide vital buffs.
  5. Cybertech: Cybertech is all about constructing cutting-edge gadgets and high-tech armors. This crafting skill enables players to create useful items such as earpieces, grenades, and droid enhancements.
  6. Synthweaving: Synthweaving is an art form that focuses on creating light outfits and armors imbued with Force qualities. Jedi and Sith characters can benefit from the unique attire crafted through this skill.

Each crafting skill offers its own distinct advantages, allowing players to cater to their playstyle and preferences. Whether a player chooses to master armormech, artifice, or any other crafting skill, they can create powerful gear that enhances their capabilities on their journey through the galaxy.

In the next section, we’ll explore the mission skills available in Star Wars: The Old Republic, which offer a different avenue for players to pursue in their quest for wealth and glory.

Crafting Skill Description
Armormech Constructs personalized armor using metals and electronic shielding.
Armstech Specializes in crafting blasters, blaster rifles, and upgrades.
Artifice Creates Jedi and Sith artifacts, including lightsaber crystals.
Biochem Produces performance-enhancing chemical serums and biological implants.
Cybertech Constructs gadgets and high-tech armors.
Synthweaving Creates light outfits and armors imbued with Force qualities.

Mission Skills

Mission skills in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) offer players the opportunity to send their crew on exciting missions to accomplish various objectives. These missions can range from recovering valuable information to hunting down rare loot, all while players focus on their own adventures. The game features four distinct types of mission skills that players can choose from to enhance their gameplay:

  1. Diplomacy: With diplomacy as a mission skill, players can engage in negotiations and develop key relationships with non-player characters (NPCs). This skill is particularly helpful when players need assistance from influential figures or want to gain valuable insights.
  2. Investigation: Captivating players who enjoy solving mysteries, investigation serves as a mission skill in SWTOR. Players with this skill can examine evidence, follow clues, and uncover hidden secrets. It’s an essential skill for those who enjoy unraveling exciting narratives within the game world.
  3. Treasure Hunting: SWTOR provides players with the ability to become skilled treasure hunters through this mission skill. By tracking down hidden caches and rare artifacts, players with this skill can acquire valuable items that can be used or sold for profit.
  4. Underworld Trading: For those who prefer an edgier approach, underworld trading is the mission skill of choice. This skill focuses on the trading of illicit goods and services, allowing players to delve into the dark side of the galaxy for unique opportunities and rewards.

Players have the freedom to select any number of mission skills for their crew, depending on their playstyle and preferences. This diverse range of skills adds depth and variety to the gameplay experience, allowing players to tailor their crew’s abilities to their desired outcomes.

By utilizing mission skills, players can effectively delegate tasks to their crew, enabling them to explore more of the Star Wars universe while still achieving their objectives. Whether it’s unraveling intricate storylines, amassing valuable resources, or engaging in unlawful activities, the mission skills in SWTOR provide a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience.


In Star Wars: The Old Republic, crew skills are essential for resource gathering, item crafting, and mission completion. Players have the flexibility to choose a combination of gathering skills, crafting skills, and mission skills based on their own playstyle and preferences. By harnessing the power of their crew of companions, players can maximize their efficiency in collecting resources, creating valuable items, and achieving mission objectives.

Whether specializing in a specific crafting skill or diversifying their skills, crew skills provide opportunities for self-sufficiency and profitability. With the right crew skills, players can become master crafters and gatherers in the vast galaxy of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

For those seeking guidance on crew skills, this SWTOR crew skills guide serves as a valuable resource. It outlines the different types of gathering skills, crafting skills, and mission skills available in the game. Additionally, this guide offers insights on leveling up crew skills and optimizing their effectiveness. With this comprehensive guide at hand, players can embark on their journey with confidence and make the most of their crew skills in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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