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Here are some resources from McKinsey & Company that you might find useful:

  1. 2022 ESG Report: Creating a more sustainable, inclusive, and growing future for all: This annual environmental, social, and governance (ESG) report captures McKinsey’s measurable progress toward driving positive, enduring changes.
  2. Capital allocation starts with governance—and should be led by the CEO: This report emphasizes the role of CEOs in allocating resources toward growth, advocating for decision making to be strategy-driven and granular.
  3. The economic potential of generative AI: The next productivity frontier: This report explores how generative AI is poised to unleash the next wave of productivity, providing a first look at where business value could accrue.
  4. A monthly update on the state of the US consumer: June 2023: This report provides an update on the state of the US consumer, noting that more consumers are feeling optimistic about the economy but are also spending more cautiously.

Here are some resources from Gallup that you might find useful:

  1. A Letter From Our CEO about why economic growth is slowing and how leaders should respond: This letter from Gallup’s CEO discusses the reasons behind slowing economic growth and how leaders should respond.
  2. State of the Global Workplace 2023: This report provides insights into the collective voice of the global employee, including engagement and stress levels.
  3. Why the World Can’t Quit Quiet Quitting: This article explores the phenomenon of “quiet quitting,” where employees disengage from their work while remaining in their roles.
  4. How To Choose a Career: This article provides guidance on how to choose a career, which could be useful for career development discussions.
  5. How Important Is Time in the Office?: This article discusses the importance of time spent in the office, a relevant topic in the era of remote and hybrid work.


Here are some resources from LinkedIn Learning that you might find useful:

  1. Jodi Glickman on Pitching Yourself (2018): This course, viewed by over 2.6 million people, provides insights on how to effectively pitch yourself.
  2. Ken Blanchard on Servant Leadership: This course, viewed by over 2 million people, explores the concept of servant leadership as explained by Ken Blanchard.
  3. Strategic Thinking: This course, viewed by over 1.6 million people, provides guidance on how to think strategically.
  4. Be the Manager People Won’t Leave: This course, viewed by over 1.4 million people, offers insights on how to be a manager that people won’t want to leave.


Here are some resources from KPMG that you might find useful:

  1. KPMG 2022 CEO Outlook: This report provides insights on growth strategies in turbulent times.
  2. Work from Anywhere: This report discusses the importance of commitment and collaboration in a work-from-anywhere setup.
  3. Pulse of Fintech: This biannual analysis of global fintech trends could be useful for understanding the intersection of technology and finance.
  4. Our Impact Plan: The 2023 update of KPMG’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) plan provides insights into the company’s sustainability efforts.




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