Elder Scrolls Online Templar skills

The Templar class in Elder Scrolls Online offers a diverse range of skills that make it a formidable force on the battlefield. With three unique skill lines to explore, Templars have the ability to excel in various roles, including damage dealing, support, healing, and tanking. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of each skill line, highlighting the key abilities and their applications.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Templar class in Elder Scrolls Online has three skill lines: Aedric Spear, Dawn’s Wrath, and Restoring Light.
  • Aedric Spear focuses on damage-dealing abilities, allowing Templars to unleash devastating attacks against multiple enemies.
  • Dawn’s Wrath offers a mix of damage-dealing and support skills, empowering Templars to take down foes while providing utility to their group.
  • Restoring Light specializes in healing and tanking abilities, enabling Templars to keep themselves and their allies alive while withstanding enemy assaults.
  • Templars possess powerful ultimate abilities and a variety of passive skills to further enhance their combat prowess.

Aedric Spear Skills

The Aedric Spear skill line is a primary skill line for Templars in Elder Scrolls Online. It focuses on equipping Templars with powerful damage-dealing abilities that can be utilized in various combat situations. These skills allow Templars to unleash their divine powers in devastating ways, making them formidable DPS (damage per second) characters on the battlefield.

Radial Sweep

Radial Sweep is an iconic ability in the Aedric Spear skill line. It enables Templars to unleash a wide-range attack, striking multiple enemies simultaneously. This AoE (area of effect) ability deals significant damage to foes within its radius, making it an ideal skill for clearing groups of enemies or dealing with crowded encounters.

Puncturing Strikes

Puncturing Strikes is another powerful skill in the Aedric Spear skill line. Templars can use this ability to perform a series of quick strikes, dealing damage to their target while also healing themselves. This makes Puncturing Strikes an excellent choice for Templars who want to sustain their own health while dealing damage.

Spear Shards

Spear Shards is a versatile ability that allows Templars to strike enemies with shards of divine energy. When this skill hits an enemy, it has a chance to create a synergy effect, which can be activated by allies to restore their resources. This makes Spear Shards not only a damaging skill but also a supportive one, providing aid to teammates by replenishing their stamina or magicka.

With the devastating power of Aedric Spear skills like Radial Sweep, Puncturing Strikes, and Spear Shards, Templars can excel in the role of DPS characters, wreaking havoc upon their enemies while simultaneously providing support to their allies.

The Aedric Spear skill line truly showcases the divine might of the Templar class. With their mastery over these skills, Templars can become formidable DPS characters, capable of dealing with multiple enemies and making a significant impact on the battlefield.

Dawn’s Wrath Skills

The Templar class in Elder Scrolls Online possesses the Dawn’s Wrath skill line, which offers a dynamic combination of damage-dealing and support abilities. Templars harness the power of Dawn’s Wrath to unleash devastating attacks upon their enemies while also providing valuable utility to their group.

DPS Skills

Within the Dawn’s Wrath skill line, Templars have access to potent DPS skills that allow them to deal significant damage to their foes. These skills can turn the tide of battle and ensure victory for the Templar and their allies. Notable DPS skills in the Dawn’s Wrath skill line include:

  • Nova: Unleash a powerful explosion of light, damaging and stunning all enemies in the area.
  • Solar Disturbance: Summon an ultimate celestial storm that damages enemies over time and reduces their damage output.
  • Backlash: Apply a powerful debuff to an enemy, provoking them to take damage if they use abilities within a certain time frame.

Support Skills

Templars specializing in the Dawn’s Wrath skill line also have access to vital support skills that bolster their group’s performance and survivability. These skills ensure that the Templar fulfills their role as a versatile support class. Noteworthy support skills in the Dawn’s Wrath skill line include:

  • Eclipse: Create an area of shadow that heals allies and reduces the effectiveness of enemy incoming heals.
  • Blinding Javelin: Cast a javelin infused with light, disorienting enemies and interrupting their abilities.
  • Illuminate: Empower all nearby allies, increasing their spell critical rating.

By mastering the Dawn’s Wrath skill line, Templars can excel both in dealing damage and providing crucial support to their group. This versatility allows Templars to adapt to various combat situations and contribute significantly to the success of their team.

Continue reading to explore the Restoring Light skills, another powerful skill line available to Templars in Elder Scrolls Online.

Restoring Light Skills

The Restoring Light skill line is an essential aspect of the Templar class in Elder Scrolls Online. It offers a variety of abilities that focus on both healing and tanking, making it a versatile choice for players who want to support their allies or take on the role of a sturdy tank.

One of the key healing skills in the Restoring Light skill line is Rushed Ceremony. This ability allows Templars to quickly heal themselves or their allies, making it invaluable in intense battles where swift healing is crucial. With its low casting time and moderate magicka cost, Rushed Ceremony ensures that Templars can keep their team alive in challenging situations.

Repentance is another notable skill in the Restoring Light skill line, providing a unique healing mechanic. By activating this ability, Templars can consume corpses in the area, restoring both health and stamina to themselves and their allies. This skill not only makes Templars self-sufficient but also grants them an advantage in resource management during extended fights.

When it comes to tanking, the Restoring Light skill line offers Rune Focus. This ability allows Templars to create an area of protection, granting them increased resistance to damage and providing a benefit to their entire group. By utilizing Rune Focus strategically, Templars can effectively mitigate incoming damage and support their team in challenging encounters.

To summarize, the Restoring Light skill line equips Templars with the necessary tools to excel in both healing and tanking roles. Whether it’s healing allies with Rushed Ceremony and Repentance or guarding their team with Rune Focus, Templars can fulfill diverse roles within a group. By investing in the Restoring Light skill line, Templars can become invaluable assets in any Elder Scrolls Online party.

Restoring Light Skill Ability Description
Rushed Ceremony Active Quickly heal yourself or an ally.
Repentance Active Consume corpses to restore health and stamina.
Rune Focus Active Create an area of protection to mitigate damage.

Ultimate Abilities

When it comes to unleashing devastating power in battles, Templars have a selection of remarkable ultimate abilities at their disposal. These abilities can turn the tide of a battle, dealing significant damage to enemies or providing vital support to the group.

One of the most iconic ultimate abilities of the Templar class is Radial Sweep. This powerful ability allows the Templar to sweep their weapon in a wide arc, striking multiple enemies at once with a torrent of damage. It’s the perfect skill for clearing groups of foes or dealing with clustered enemies.

Another impressive ultimate ability is Nova. By summoning a sphere of pure energy, Templars can cause a devastating explosion that damages nearby enemies and grants minor protection to the group. This ability not only inflicts massive damage but also provides a much-needed defensive boost in critical moments.

For those looking to support their allies during heated battles, the Rite of Passage ultimate ability is a must-have. With this skill, Templars can create a sacred area of healing and invulnerability, granting massive healing over time to themselves and their allies within the area. It’s a literal lifeline in the midst of chaos.

Ultimate abilities can be the defining factor in decisive battles, and Templars possess some of the most formidable ones in the game. Whether you’re dealing damage, protecting your group, or healing your allies, these ultimate abilities showcase the true power of the Templar class.

Passive Abilities

Templars in Elder Scrolls Online possess a diverse range of passive abilities that greatly enhance their combat prowess and provide strategic advantages on the battlefield. These passive abilities are innate to the Templar class and can be further developed and strengthened through the Templar skill tree.

Let’s explore some of the notable passive abilities available to Templars:


Prism is a powerful passive ability in the Templar skill tree that enhances damage output. By harnessing the power of Aedric energy, Templars gain a bonus to their weapon and spell damage, allowing them to unleash devastating attacks on their foes.


Templars who invest in the Illuminate passive ability gain exceptional resource management capabilities. This passive ability significantly reduces the cost of magicka abilities, ensuring that Templars have a steady supply of energy to cast their potent spells and abilities.

Enduring Rays

Enduring Rays is a valuable passive ability that extends the duration of certain Templar skills. By prolonging the effects of abilities such as Healing Ritual or Extended Ritual, Templars can maintain a strong presence on the battlefield, providing continuous healing and support to their allies.

These are just a few examples of the passive abilities that await Templar players. The Templar skill tree offers a wide array of passive abilities that can be tailored to suit different playstyles, whether you prefer a damage-dealing Templar or a support-focused healer.

Unlocking and investing in these passive abilities is crucial for maximizing the potential of your Templar character. Experiment with different combinations of passive abilities to create a unique and powerful Templar build that suits your preferred playstyle.

To get a better understanding of how passive abilities enhance Templars’ combat capabilities, refer to the table below:

Passive Ability Description
Prism Enhances damage output, providing a bonus to weapon and spell damage.
Illuminate Improves resource management, reducing the cost of magicka abilities.
Enduring Rays Extends the duration of certain Templar skills, allowing for sustained healing and support.

Templar Class Builds

Templars in Elder Scrolls Online have a wide range of abilities that allow for diverse and customizable class builds. Whether you prefer to focus on healing, DPS, or tanking, the Templar offers a variety of options to suit your playstyle.

When creating a Templar class build, it’s important to consider the unique abilities and skill morphs available. By strategically selecting and morphing skills, you can optimize your build for maximum effectiveness in combat.

Healing-focused Builds

If you enjoy playing a support role in group content, a healing-focused Templar build is an excellent choice. Templars have access to the Restoring Light skill line, which offers a range of healing abilities to keep your allies alive and well. Combine skills like Rushed Ceremony, Breath of Life, and Healing Ritual to provide consistent healing and support to your team.

Additionally, the Templar’s Restoring Light passives, such as Mending, Light Weaver, and Sacred Ground, can enhance your healing capabilities and improve the efficiency of your healing spells.

DPS Builds

For players who prefer a more offensive playstyle, Templars can also excel as damage dealers. The Aedric Spear and Dawn’s Wrath skill lines offer a variety of DPS abilities that can be combined to create devastating combos.

Skills like Puncturing Strikes, Sweeps, and Radiant Glory in the Aedric Spear skill line provide powerful melee attacks, while abilities like Sun Fire, Elemental Storm, and Backlash in the Dawn’s Wrath skill line offer ranged damage options.

To maximize your DPS potential, consider morphing your skills for additional effects or increased damage output. Experiment with different skill morphs like Piercing Javelin to Dizzying Swing or Solar Flare to Dark Flare and find the combination that suits your playstyle.

Tanking Builds

Templars can also be formidable tanks, capable of withstanding heavy damage and protecting their allies. The Restoring Light and Aedric Spear skill lines provide the tools needed to excel in the role of a tank.

Abilities like Binding Javelin, Extended Ritual, and Blazing Spear in the Aedric Spear skill line can help you control enemies and maintain aggro, while skills like Rune Focus, Sun Shield, and Repentance from the Restoring Light skill line provide damage mitigation and self-sustain.

When building a Templar tank, prioritize passives like Sacred Ground and Restoring Spirit to further enhance your survivability and group support.

Templar Skill Rotation

To optimize your combat effectiveness as a Templar, it’s important to develop a skill rotation that maximizes your damage output or healing efficiency.

For DPS builds, a sample skill rotation could include opening with an Aedric Spear skill like Puncturing Strikes, followed by a Dawn’s Wrath ability like Sun Fire to apply DoT (Damage over Time) effects. From there, you can unleash heavier damage abilities like Radiant Glory or Solar Disturbance, ensuring you weave in light and heavy attacks for resource management.

Healing-focused builds may rely on a rotation that prioritizes instant heals like Rushed Ceremony or Breath of Life, followed by heal-over-time abilities such as Ritual of Rebirth. Remember to maintain your buffs and debuffs, ensuring your team is protected and optimized for success.

With the versatility of Templar abilities, skill morphs, and rotation options, the possibilities for class builds are endless. Experiment with different combinations, test out new strategies, and find the Templar build that suits your preferred playstyle and brings you success on your adventures in Elder Scrolls Online.


The Templar class in Elder Scrolls Online offers a wide range of skills and abilities, making it a versatile and powerful choice for players. Whether you prefer healing, DPS, or tanking, the Templar has options to suit your playstyle.

With skill lines like Aedric Spear, Dawn’s Wrath, and Restoring Light, Templars can specialize in different roles and playstyles. The Aedric Spear skills focus on damage-dealing, allowing Templars to unleash devastating attacks like Radial Sweep and Puncturing Strikes.

Alternatively, the Dawn’s Wrath skills offer a mix of damage-dealing and support abilities. Templars can unleash powerful AoE attacks with skills like Nova, while also providing utility to their group with skills like Solar Disturbance.

For those looking to heal or tank, the Restoring Light skills are the perfect choice. Templars can heal themselves and their allies with skills like Rushed Ceremony, or mitigate incoming damage as a tank with skills like Rune Focus.

Experimenting with different skill combinations and builds is key to finding the perfect Templar build. Whether you’re a healer, DPS, or tank, the Templar class offers the tools you need to excel in Elder Scrolls Online.

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