Create Proper Engagement With Your Project Team - Color Spinning Wheel

Create Proper Engagement With Your Project Team – Wheel Spinner X- A New Retrospective Template With Fun

If you want to engage your employees with fun-filled activities full of learning, you need to come up with exciting ideas and wheel-spinning games with retrospective templates can do a fabulous job. No matter if you are a project manager or team lead, you always have a chance to grab their attention with amazing retro formats when it comes to Wheel Spinner X. Let’s create a new template using Wheel Spinner X to add fun to the life of your teammates! 

You may add the names of the project management team to engage them with unlimited fun and entertainment.  


When you spin the wheel, it shortly comes up with the name of the winner on the screen. As part of the award, the winner is expected to participate in a game that involves several interesting questions and answers related to project management. Let’s take a look at the winner!


Eric is the winner and has been chosen to answer questions that I’ve chosen for him to engage the entire project management team. Here are the questions that I’ve selected for him, but you may choose questions as per your feasibility and liking!

The selected team member is supposed to answer a question which is further selected from Wheel 2 below.

color spinning wheel

The questions that I used to engage

Question # 1

Have you ever experienced funny incidents that made you laugh out loud during your project?

Question # 2

Which project did you enjoy a lot in the past that was full of learning and improved your skills?

Question # 3

Did you learn something new in a funny way during your project?

Question # 4

Can you share the unsupportive moments that didn’t allow you to learn new things during any of your project? 

Question # 5

Do you believe in self-improvement aspects with teamwork?

Question # 6

What made you unhappy and upset about your work in the recent past?

Question # 7

Have you ever felt disappointed when things didn’t work for you?

Question # 8

Have you ever had a debate or heated argument with your teammate that later turned out to be funny?

Question # 9

Any favorite movie that you would like to relate with your project that brought fantastic results?

Question # 10

Would you like to share tips with audience that helped you achieve success?

Question # 11

Who was your best friend and companion with whom you enjoyed collaboration during your project was going on? 

Question # 12

What kept you motivated and consistent during your project?

Question # 13

Would you like to thank someone from your team mates who helped you throughout the project?

Question # 14

Did you ever become a reason behind any loss or failure during or after the project?

Question # 15

Did you ever sacrifice your weekend to manage your project work?

Question # 16

Share the best thing about your project?

Question # 17

Share anything that you ever wanted to experience during your project?

Question # 18

Have you ever received appreciation or appraisal for your efforts?

Question # 19

Can you tell us about the game-changing moment that lifted your morale during work?

Question # 20

Any suggestions you would like to share with your teammates regarding similar kind of projects?

Rules and Regulations for Game

I’ve added some exceptions in the game for those who are not comfortable with the format and questions coming straight from the Wheel Spinner X. Here are some rules that I’ve changed for the project management team:

  • If you are an active team worker and don’t like the question, you can jump on to the next question or you may leave that question for other team mates to answer.
  • Same question can be answered by other respected members so that we may get variations in the answers.
  • You may answer brief answers rather writing long lines. Make sure, you precise things and give short and to the point answers.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Retrospective Template With Fun?

If you are ready to be a part of Wheel Spinner X and want to answer some interesting questions around your projects, you can find some advantages and disadvantages at the same time. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a retrospective template with fun!


  • It comes with a fun element that suits and engages everyone.
  • The game comes with so many questions that educate the audience when they come across funny and tricky answers
  • The audience finds different perspectives on projects revealed by team members and that opens everything for the audience
  • If one team member is absent, the other can answer with ease


  • Not all questions are appropriate and suitable for team members
  • Not all team members like the format of the game


Looking at all these questions and exciting retrospective templates with fun, you are open to leave your feedback and give your suggestions that can bring improvement in the format.






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