Every now and then comes a renewed interest in career planning. It’s time to update your resume and get back on the job market! If you’re looking to write an exceptional resume that will impress recruiters, here are  10 tips for writing a winning resume:

1. The top mistake most people make is that their resume is not tailored to the job they’re applying for. Your resume should honestly reflect your skills and experiences that are a match for what the recruiter or hiring manager is seeking. To do this, you must first identify those specific needs by researching the job description and understanding which of your skills are most relevant.

2. Another big mistake is sending out the same resume to every job. This type of generic resume is not likely to get you any interviews, let alone the job you’re seeking. Customize your resume to show exactly what skills and experiences the hiring company is looking for in an ideal candidate for that particular position.

3. Include a professional head shot photo on your own resume. Recruiters spend 6 seconds scanning a resume to determine if it’s worth reading further, so make sure they can see your face right away.

4. Don’t leave out any details! Your resume has about 30 seconds to impress the recruiter and get them excited about meeting you in person. When writing your own resume, sit down and think about all the skills you have and what experiences you’ve had that make you a perfect candidate for the job.  When in doubt, list it all out.

5. Make sure your resume has a clear objective at the top which states your career goals. This helps recruiters understand how your experience fits in with their needs right away.

6. Keep it brief: A recruiter should be able to read your resume and fully understand your experience in about 2-3 minutes. It’s fine to have more than one page if you feel that some of the information is relevant, but remember that recruiters only spend a few seconds looking at each resume so don’t make them work too hard to find the relevant information.

7. One of the biggest resume mistakes is having a poor layout and format. Your resume should be easy on the eyes, organized, and clearly laid out so that every element can be easily scanned by recruiters who are only spending seconds looking at it.

8. Another important tip is don’t make spelling or grammar mistakes. A typo on a resume is like leaving a bad impression at the front door of the company; it doesn’t give a good first impression and may make recruiters think you’re careless and don’t pay attention to detail.

9. Don’t lie on your resume. Resumes are often screened electronically with keywords, so any false statements can be easily detected and will likely ruin your chances of getting an interview.

10. Be sure to proofread your resume several times for spelling, grammar, organization and layout before you send it out. The last thing you need is to give recruiters a reason not to call you in for an interview!


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