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Multiple Categories & 50+ Topics Covered

Human Resources

Performance appraisal, Bullying & sexual harassment, Diversity, Employee Motivation, Hiring & Recruitment, Absenteeism, Health & Safety, Employee DisciplinaryProcedures, Interviewing Skills, Employee Termination

Leadership & Management

Change Leadership, Change Management, Coaching & Mentoring, Delegation, Effective Meetings, middle management, servant leadership, team building, Project Management, Giving Constructive Feedback

Soft Skills

Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Creative Problem Solving, Time Management, Dealing with Difficult People, Facilitation Skills, Organizational Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Influencing Skills, Presentation Skills, Stress Management

Career Development & Business

Business Dynamics, Career guidance, Complaints Handling, Customer Service, Strategy, Business & Finance, Life Coaching, Sales & Marketing, NLP, Telephone Skills, Train the Trainer, Online Business, Report Writing

Kevin O'Sullivan


“An exceptional soft skills library of content and structure that aligns totally with the challenges and demands of corporate adult learning requirements for knowledge-centric employees.

I recently conducted my initial soft skills learning session with 36 offshore employees and the reviews were all 5 stars!”

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  1. Appraisal Process For Managers & Employees
  2. Bullying & Sexual Harassment
  3. Business Environment Dynamics
  4. Career Guidance Package
  5. Change Leadership
  6. Change Management
  7. Coaching & Mentoring
  8. Communication Skills
  9. Complaints Handling & Service Recovery Workshop
  10. Conflict Resolution
  11. Creative Problem Solving
  12. Critical Thinking Skills
  13. Customer Care Principles
  14. Customer Relationship Management
  15. Dealing with Difficult People
  16. Delegation Skills
  17. Diversity in the Workplace
  18. Effective Meetings
  19. Effective Teams & Teamwork
  20. Emotional Intelligence
  21. Employee Disciplinary Procedures
  22. Employee Absenteesm
  23. Employee Motivation
  24. Facilitation Skills
  25. How To Be More Effective, Organized and Productive
  26. Human Resource Management
  27. Influencing & Communication Skills
  28. Interpersonal Skills
  29. Interviewing Skills
  30. Introduction to Business & Finance
  31. Introduction to Strategy
  32. Leadership
  33. Leadership, Culture & Strategy
  34. Leadership & Delegation
  35. Leadership & Influence
  36. Life Coaching
  37. Management Skills
  38. Manual Handling
  39. Marketing
  40. Mentoring Skills
  41. Negotiation Skills
  42. NLP Training Materials
  43. Office Health and Safety Training
  44. Organizational Behavior
  45. Time & Workload Management
  46. Occupational Health & Safety
  47. Presentation Skills
  48. Project Management
  49. Report Writing Skills
  50. Risk Assessment
  51. Sales Training Materials
  52. Selling Professional Services
  53. Sickness Absenteeism
  54. Stress Management
  55. Team Building & Development
  56. Telephone Skills & Telesales
  57. The Art of Taking Minutes
  58. The New Manager
  59. Train the Trainer

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