Outstanding leaders are capable of inspiring, motivating, and propelling their teams to reach new heights. Though there is a multitude of leadership models, all great leaders possess certain core characteristics. In this article, we will investigate the 15 traits that mold extraordinary leading figures and how they can help us develop better leadership skills ourselves.

1) Visionary

An extraordinary leader possesses an unmistakable goal and the determination to reach it. They possess a special ability to inspire their colleagues with their purpose-driven ambitions, never losing sight of the end objective. Visionary manager understands that occasionally taking calculated risks is necessary for success; they can see beyond what’s in front of them and understand the payoff after facing challenges head-on.

2) Strong Communicator

Communication is the foundation of exemplary leadership. Excellent leader not only conveys their ideas and objectives in a way that everybody comprehends, but they also listen actively to those around them, providing meaningful feedback throughout the process. Such active communication allows for successful collaboration between all team members.

3) Decisive

Dynamic leaders know how to make sound decisions promptly. They carefully assess the situation, research all available resources and weigh out potential outcomes before committing. Not only do they hold themselves accountable for their choices, but also have the capacity to reflect on mistakes and grow from them.

4) Empathetic

An exemplary leader comprehends the worries and interests of their employees. They can relate to them, demonstrating compassion and making an effort to foster trustworthiness and allegiance among the team members. By doing this, they create a secure environment that fosters collaboration between themselves and their staff.

5) Adaptable

To stay ahead of the game, leaders must have an eye for recognizing when change is needed and possess the agility to rapidly alter their course. They should also be proactive in foreseeing what’s up and coming so they can equip their team with the best resources to face any challenge that may arise.

6) Innovative

Outstanding leaders can generate innovative ideas to address challenges and they motivate their teams to do the same. They strive for continual improvement, always searching for new ways of doing things that will yield superior results.

7) Integrity

Honesty, openness, and morality are the keystones of admirable leadership. A leader worthy of respect demonstrates these qualities in everything they do – leading from the front and setting a standard for their team to follow.

8) Strategic Thinker

Superb leaders can think strategically, recognizing long-term objectives and devising strategies for success. They can examine existing scenarios and detect the potential for growth as well as any impending risks. Additionally, they can foresee emerging trends ahead of time and modify their plans accordingly.

9) Humility

Outstanding leaders understand their limitations and are always eager to learn from others. They don’t hesitate to accept when they make mistakes and recognize the importance of seeking assistance when necessary.

10) Resilience

Weathering the tumultuous business landscape requires nimble resilience, especially for executives. The greatest leaders have an unwavering vision and can revitalize their teams to emulate this same tenacity—even after any obstacle or setback they may face.

11) Courage

True leaders don’t shy away from taking risks or making courageous choices. Instead, they take a leap of faith and push themselves as well as the people around them to reach greater heights than ever before.

12) Creativity

Outstanding leaders can think of original concepts and solutions to obstacles, boosting their team’s capacity for creativity. These forward-thinking individuals are constantly in search of fresh ways to innovate and advance their organizations.

13) Patience

Great leaders understand that success takes time and are patient in the pursuit of their goals. They can stay calm under pressure and can maintain their focus even during difficult times.

14) Charisma

Outstanding leaders possess an indefinable allure that pulls people toward them and allows them to inspire and encourage their team with their words and deeds.

15) Time Management Skills

Outstanding leaders recognize the importance of time management, making it a priority to wisely assign tasks and share duties when needed. Exceptional administrators further understand how important it is to maintain equilibrium between their professional life and personal one to truly excel. Thus, the ability of these remarkable individuals to preserve an overall healthy work-life balance serves them well!


Becoming a great leader is not easy, but by developing these 15 qualities, you can improve your leadership skills and become an effective leader. By having a clear vision, communicating effectively, being decisive, empathetic, adaptable, innovative, and having integrity, you can inspire and motivate your team toward success. Remember, great leadership is not about having all the answers, but about empowering your team to find the solutions together.


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