Instructional Skills Workshop


The Online Instructional Skills Workshop combines self-paced learning, interactive group activities, and practical assignments to provide participants with a well-rounded and engaging learning experience.

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Online Instructional Skills Workshop

Course Description: The Online Instructional Skills Workshop (OISW) is a comprehensive, interactive course designed to empower educators with the tools and strategies needed to create engaging and effective online learning experiences. This workshop is tailored for instructors in diverse educational settings, including K-12, higher education, and professional training. Through practical assignments, group discussions, and reflective practice, participants will develop a deeper understanding of online pedagogy and improve their instructional skills in the digital age.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the unique challenges and opportunities of online instruction, and adapt their teaching approach accordingly.
  2. Employ a variety of instructional strategies and technologies to create engaging and effective online learning experiences.
  3. Design and implement assessment techniques that promote authentic learning and accurately evaluate student performance in an online environment.
  4. Cultivate an inclusive and accessible online learning community that supports diverse learners.
  5. Engage in reflective practice to continually improve their online teaching skills and foster professional growth.


Module 1: Introduction to Online Teaching

  • The online learning landscape: trends, challenges, and opportunities
  • Comparing face-to-face and online instruction
  • Essential skills and competencies for online educators

Module 2: Creating Engaging Online Content

  • Instructional design principles for online learning
  • Adapting your teaching style for online instruction
  • Utilizing multimedia and interactive content
  • Tips for creating accessible and inclusive content

Module 3: Effective Online Instructional Strategies

  • Building community and fostering interaction in online courses
  • Synchronous vs. asynchronous instruction: pros, cons, and best practices
  • Facilitating effective online discussions and group work
  • Differentiating instruction in the online classroom

Module 4: Assessment and Evaluation in Online Learning

  • Designing authentic assessments for online courses
  • Strategies for managing and preventing academic dishonesty
  • Providing timely, constructive feedback to online learners
  • Analyzing and interpreting student performance data to inform instruction

Module 5: Building an Inclusive Online Learning Environment

  • Recognizing and addressing diverse learner needs
  • Cultivating cultural competence and promoting equity in online education
  • Strategies for supporting learners with disabilities in the online classroom

Module 6: Reflective Practice and Professional Growth

  • The role of reflective practice in online teaching
  • Developing a professional learning network (PLN) for continuous improvement
  • Identifying resources for ongoing professional development in online instruction

The Online Instructional Skills Workshop combines self-paced learning, interactive group activities, and practical assignments to provide participants with a well-rounded and engaging learning experience. Participants will have the opportunity to apply their new skills through the creation of a mini online course module, which will be peer-reviewed and assessed by the course facilitators.


“Taking the Online Instructional Skills Workshop has been a game changer for my teaching career. The course provided me with practical tools and strategies to create engaging online lessons, and the opportunity to learn from experienced online educators was invaluable. I now feel more confident and prepared to teach in an online setting, and my students are benefiting from a more engaging and effective learning experience.” – Sarah, High School Science Teacher

“As a university professor transitioning to online teaching, I was initially overwhelmed by the prospect of adapting my lectures and course materials. The OISW not only helped me develop the necessary skills to create engaging online content, but also taught me how to foster meaningful connections with my students in a virtual environment. I highly recommend this workshop to educators at all levels of experience.” – Dr. James, Assistant Professor of Economics

“This workshop was a fantastic investment in my professional development as a corporate trainer. The modules on designing authentic assessments and building an inclusive online learning environment have directly improved the quality of the training programs I deliver. The support and feedback from the course facilitators and fellow participants made the experience truly collaborative and enriching.” – Vanessa, Corporate Trainer and Instructional Designer

“The Online Instructional Skills Workshop equipped me with the knowledge and skills I needed to succeed as an online educator. I particularly appreciated the focus on accessibility and inclusion, as it helped me create a more equitable learning environment for all of my students. The hands-on assignments and peer-review process provided valuable opportunities to practice and refine my skills before implementing them in my own classroom.” – Michael, Middle School Math Teacher

“As an educator with limited experience in online teaching, the OISW was a comprehensive and practical introduction to the world of digital instruction. The course content was well-organized, the assignments were relevant, and the facilitators were knowledgeable and supportive. I’ve already seen a marked improvement in my students’ engagement and learning outcomes since implementing the strategies I learned in the workshop.” – Laura, ESL Instructor