Lean Management and Process Improvement in Healthcare


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Course Overview:

The Lean Management and Process Improvement in Healthcare is an interdisciplinary course designed to provide professionals in the healthcare industry a thorough understanding of lean management principles and their applications for enhancing healthcare processes. Over this course’s duration, learners will be equipped with lean management tools and techniques to identify, analyze, and mitigate healthcare waste. This course facilitates the application of lean principles, enabling participants to increase efficiency, improve patient experiences, and drive systemic enhancements within the healthcare ecosystem. Specifically crafted for healthcare professionals, this course is ideal for physicians, nurses, hospital administrators, healthcare consultants, and anyone seeking to build proficiency in lean healthcare methodologies.

Course Learning Objectives :

• Gain an in-depth understanding of lean management principles and their application in the healthcare context.
• Learn to identify and reduce waste in healthcare processes.
• Understand how to use lean techniques to improve patient care and outcomes.
• Develop skills in mapping and improving healthcare workflows.
• Learn how to implement lean principles to create a culture of continuous improvement in healthcare settings.
• Understand how lean management can contribute to reducing healthcare costs and enhancing operational efficiency.

Course Outline:

The course content has been curated to progressively build learners’ knowledge and practical skills in lean management within the healthcare setting. It is divided into eight modules as follows:

1. Introduction to Lean Management: An overview of lean methodology, its roots in the Toyota Production System, and an introduction to basic concepts.
2. Lean Principles in Healthcare: Application of lean principles in the context of healthcare, including case studies from successful implementations.
3. Identifying Waste: Comprehensive methods to identify and eliminate different types of waste within healthcare processes.
4. Mapping and Improving Healthcare Processes: A practical guide to value-stream mapping and other key lean tools for process improvement.
5. Lean Management and Patient Care: Exploring how lean principles can optimize patient care and outcomes.
6. Implementing Lean Culture in a Healthcare Setting: Detailed approaches towards cultivating a lean culture that encourages continuous improvement.
7. Impact of Lean Management on Cost and Efficiency: Evaluation of lean management’s role in reducing healthcare costs and enhancing service efficiency.
8. Case Study and Practical Application: Real-world examples and exercises for practical application of the lean principles and tools learned.

Each module includes a combination of lectures, readings, videos, and interactive exercises aimed at solidifying the learner’s grasp of lean management principles within the healthcare context.

Course Benefits:
• Comprehensive understanding of lean methodology and its practical implementation in healthcare.
• Learn to eliminate waste and improve patient care using lean principles.
• Develop key analytical skills to identify and enact process improvements in healthcare settings.
• Become a change agent in your organization by learning how to create and sustain a culture of continuous improvement.
• Enhance your professional career by becoming proficient in lean management.

Online Delivery Mode / Self-Paced: This is a fully online self-paced course. You will have access to all course materials and can study at your convenience. Regularly scheduled interactive webinars reinforce learning and facilitate interaction with tutors and other course participants. This learner-centered approach allows you to learn at your own pace and schedule, making it ideal for busy professionals.