Emotional Intelligence in Healthcare


★★★★★ “I have seen noticeable growth in my personal & professional life since I took the Emotional Intelligence Course!” – Julia Peterson

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Course Overview:

In our extensive Emotional Intelligence in Healthcare online training course, learners will become equipped with all the tools needed to navigate emotional relationships within healthcare settings effectively. The health sector bears witness to heightened emotions daily; it is essential to understand and manage these complexities well as a healthcare professional.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completing this course, students are expected to be able to:
1. Understand the concept of emotional intelligence and its role in effective healthcare delivery.
2. Identify emotion regulation strategies that can be applied in various scenarios within a healthcare setting.
3. Develop active listening skills for enhanced communication with patients, family members and colleagues.
4. Apply empathy in medical practice, appreciating different perceptions and experiences.
5. Manage stress adequately while maintaining positive social interactions.

Course Benefits:

Partaking in this course provides multiple benefits including:
1. Enhanced patient interaction: You will learn how to communicate more sensitively with patients which may improve their overall experience.
2. Improved professional relationships: By mastering emotional intelligence, your relationship with colleagues can deepen leading to improved job satisfaction.
3.Process personal struggles better: Dealing with suffering and death can take a toll on your mental wellbeing; learning how to handle such events makes coping easier.


“I have seen noticeable growth in my professional life since I took the Emotional Intelligence Course!” – Julia Peterson
“This course offered practical tips that helped me manage stressful situations at work much better than before” – Michael Gomez

Detailed Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction
– What is Emotional Intelligence?
– The Role of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership in Healthcare

Module 2: Self Awareness
– Understanding Your Emotions
– Tools for Self Assessment

Module 3: Self Management
– Strategies for Managing Stress
– Decision Making and Impulse Control

Module 4: Social Awareness
-Acquiring Empathy Skills
-Cultural Competence

Module 5 : Relationship Management
– Conflict Resolution Techniques
– Building and Nurturing Relationships

Module 6 : Integration of Emotional Intelligence in Healthcare Setting
-Applied Emotional Intelligence Skills in Patient Care
-Tips for Improving Teamwork

Module 7 : Emotional Resilience
-Coping Mechanisms to Handle Emotionally Draining Events
-Self-care Techniques

The course will be delivered through interactive presentations, role plays, case studies and group discussions to facilitate a thorough understanding of the concepts.