Making a solid brand personality in the engineering consultancy sector is difficult. It takes a deep knowledge of what the brand stands for, a clear vision for its future, and an innovative approach to design.

When Hurley Consulting Engineers, a company at the forefront of engineering innovation, decided to revamp their brand identity and had difficulty coming up with logo and stationery design, they sought Creato, a well-known graphic design services firm known for creating outstanding logos, to help them change their brand identity. Creato was the best company for Hurley because it is known for changing business identities through strategic design and new technology.

Creato is a company that combines imagination with strategic thinking in a way that no one else does. They create visual identities that align with the brand’s values and goals. Their forward-thinking attitude and skill at designing logos make them a great partner for businesses that want to make a big difference in their field. This case study looks at how Hurley and Creato worked together strategically and shows how new designs can completely change brands.

The Vision and Challenge

The Vision and Challenge

Hurley Consulting Engineers has long been known for being a master in engineering consulting and for inventing new ways to solve problems. However, their logo didn’t fully show how advanced their work was or how much they cared about the environment and new ideas. Developing a brand identity that reflected these beliefs and set Hurley apart in a crowded market was challenging.

That is when Creato was asked to make a logo and business cards for Hurley that would connect with the company’s target audience and use creative ways to make the brand experience memorable. The objective was to create a brand identity that showed professionalism, new ideas, and an inquisitive approach to engineering.

Innovative Design Process

Creato started the design process by carefully examining Hurley’s brand, including its mission, values, and existing brand identity. This first step was crucial to ensure that the new brand identity represents Hurley and appeals to its target audience.

A big part of the rebranding process was creating the logo. Creato’s team devised an idea that used geometric shapes to make an abstract bridge shape, which stood for power, connection, and engineering skills. Using a modern, clean typeface and a blue colour scheme emphasised innovation, sustainability, and trustworthiness.

Creato tried to show how innovative and professional Hurley Consulting Engineers is by refining the design process for their business cards. The cards were put together with great care and have a sleek, modern look that fits with Hurley’s brand. A sophisticated colour scheme and choice of high-quality materials improved the tactile experience, making a lasting impression on those who received them. The business card design demonstrated Hurley’s dedication to excellence and attention to detail in all aspects of its work.

Impactful Results

The new brand logo and business cards were highly anticipated and received positive comments from clients, industry colleagues, and the Hurley team. The rebranding attempt led to excellent results:

–       Enhanced Brand Recognition:

Hurley’s unique and creative brand identity sets it apart from competitors, leading to better market visibility and recognition. Thanks to its memorable logo and business cards, Hurley became a star in innovation in the engineering consulting field.

–       Increased Engagement and Interest:

The interactive design of the business cards and appealing logo captivated potential clients, sparking conversations and fostering more profound connections. This new and creative take on a traditional marketing tool got more people to engage with it, which led to more project requests and client interest. 

–       Internal Cohesion and Pride:

The rebranding initiative improved employee morale and created internal cohesion. The Hurley team responded positively to the new brand identity, which aligned with their perception of the company and reinforced their pride in being a part of an innovative, forward-thinking organisation.

–       Market Positioning:

Hurley’s renewed brand identity showed its dedication to new ideas, high quality, and sustainability. This strategic positioning generated new business prospects and promoted collaborations with clients who shared these principles.


The strategic partnership between Hurley Consulting Engineers and Creato highlights the importance of first impressions in the corporate world. Hurley conveyed its brand values of innovation, sustainability, and engineering excellence through its creative logo and business card design. Creato’s use of sleek design in business cards made Hurley stand out and showed its forward-thinking attitude.

This case study shows that businesses can turn their brand identity into a vital tool for engagement and differentiation with the help of the right creative partner. Are you ready to change the way people first perceive your brand? Contact Creato immediately to start your journey to new logo and graphic design solutions.




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