Healthcare Human Resources Management Essentials

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Course Overview:

The Healthcare Human Resources Management Essentials course offers a comprehensive overview of the key principles and practices within the dynamic field of HR management within the healthcare industry.

This course is designed to equip healthcare managers, administrators and professionals alike with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage human resources, foster talent growth, and ensure superior delivery of healthcare services.

By utilizing a range of real-world scenarios and case studies, the curriculum latches onto strategic HR practices, legal and ethical concerns, performance management, and staff recruitment and retention within a healthcare context. This course will help participants to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that HR managers face in the healthcare environment.

Course Learning Objectives:

• Understand the role and functions of human resources management within the healthcare sector.
• Gain insights into effective strategic HR planning and talent management.
• Learn the principles of performance management and how to implement them in a healthcare setting.
• Understand how to navigate legal and ethical issues in HR management.
• Develop skills for recruitment, selection, and retention of healthcare staff.
• Improve practices for training, development, and empowerment of healthcare staff to boost service delivery.

Course Outline:

The course is structured across multiple modules, each focusing on a critical aspect of HR management in healthcare.

The first module offers an introduction to human resources management in healthcare, outlining the role, functions, and importance of HRM in this specific setting.

The second module delves into strategic HRM, exploring the planning and the integration of HR strategies with organizational objectives.

The third module focuses on workforce planning and employment, covering key topics such as job design and analysis, recruitment, and selection.

The fourth module investigates human resource development, dealing with aspects such as training, development, and performance management. It concentrates on enhancing skills, knowledge, and abilities of healthcare professionals to increase their effectiveness and efficiency.

The fifth module reviews compensation and benefits, a pivotal component in attracting and retaining competent staff, throwing light on salary administration, compensation strategies and benefits management.

The next module explains employee and labor relations, including topics such as employee rights, labor laws, and managing disciplinary processes.

The final module explores risk management, underscoring the measures for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. It elaborates on various strategies for reducing organizational vulnerability and managing employee welfare.

Course Benefits:

• Gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving field of healthcare HRM.
• Learn from real-world examples and best practices.
• Develop the skills to effectively manage human resources within a healthcare setting.
• Improve your understanding of legal and ethical issues in HRM to ensure regulatory compliance.
• Enhance your recruitment and retention strategies for healthcare professionals.

Online Delivery Mode / Self-Paced:

The course is offered in an online format providing participants the flexibility to learn at their own pace. All study materials and resources are accessible online, as well as interactive learning activities and assessments. Participants have the opportunity to engage in forum discussions, webinars, and Q&A sessions to enrich their online learning experience. The self-paced structure allows for a customizable learning journey suitable to individual schedules and learning styles.