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Customer service training manual

Consistent and thorough customer service training is essential—even if customers already seem satisfied. A training manual makes it easier to meet and exceed customer expectations by providing reps with consistent training that quickly gives them the tools they need to succeed.

Customer service policy examples

It’s important to develop a clear and concise policy for the entire customer service team. Reps need to know how far they can go to solve a customer’s problem or what they should do when dealing with customers who are extremely dissatisfied. These guidelines will help every rep understand the policies they should follow.

Customer service training activities

Although customer service reps are part of a team, they can often feel isolated as they interact with customers individually. These customer service training activities make learning fun, interactive, and engaging. The benefits of providing training activities are two-fold: reps will improve their skills and come together with the rest of their team, both of which drive employee engagement.

Customer service training calendar

Sometimes the hardest part about building a training program is deciding when to train reps. A training calendar can help leaders outline what topics their customer service team should focus on and when they should deliver critical training, development, and practice opportunities.

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