Soft Skills Training for IT Professionals

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Course Summary

Have the IT professionals in your company complete the lessons and assessments in this course to improve their soft skills, including critical and divergent thinking, communication, self-management and collaboration. The course offers short soft skill training lessons that are accessible 24/7.

About This Course

This course is organized into topic-specific chapters that break down the content into manageable chapter units. These chapters cover different soft skills for IT professionals, such as social and self-management skills, that will help them improve their workplace productivity and communication.

How It Works

These corporate training resources are versatile, so employees can use them in the way that fits them best. For example, the lessons are short and mobile device compatible, and the quizzes can either be printed out or taken online.

Your employees will be able to take advantage of these training resources by:

  • Studying the material presented in the lessons about soft skills for IT professionals
  • Completing the short quiz that accompanies each lesson to test what they learned
  • Using the help tabs to ask our professional instructors for assistance whenever they have any questions about the material covered
  • Taking the end-of-chapter practice exams to analyze their understanding of the material

How It Helps

  • Improves teamwork skills: Some of the soft skills covered in this course include communication and collaborations skills, both important for successfully working on team projects.
  • Enhances productivity: Self-management skills play a big part in employee productivity. These lessons will show your employees the importance of these skills and how to improve them.
  • Builds employee confidence: As employees improve their soft skills, they will be able to perform more effectively at work and consequently feel better about the job they are doing.


Skills Covered

Chapter Topics & Objective
Improving Soft Skills Learn what ‘soft skills’ are, common soft skills for all professions and ways to improve those skills.
Self-Management Skills Study ways to improve self-management skills such as emotional intelligence, stress management and more.
Using Soft Skills for Professional Communication Discover different skills used in professional communication, teamwork and conflict resolution.
Information Technology Soft Skills Reinforce understanding of soft skills used in the information technology field, including technical communication, technical documents and knowledge application in the workplace.