Employee Recruitment

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Employee Recruitment and Selection

In seeking to get the most from your employees a key factor is to ensure that you are recruiting those who have the potential to make the greatest contribution. This may sound like such as obvious requirement but, even today, so many companies continue to adopt unstructured approaches to recruitment with the result that the challenge to get the most from employees is immediately magnified.


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Employee Recruitment 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Evolution of Recruitment & Selection
  • Objectives of Recruitment and Selection for Human Resources
  • Create a Talent Pool
  • Attract and Engage Top Talent
  • Ascertain Who Fits in the Company Culture
  • Streamline the Process


Course Outline: 

  • Defining Recruitment & Selection
  • A Typical Process for Hiring
  • Having Clear Objectives
  • Interviewing Talents
  • Quality of the Questions Matter
  • Importance of Objectivity
  • Checking References and Background
  • Designing the Right Offer
  • Onboarding & Orientation of New Hires