Business Analysis Online Training

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What is Business Analysis? (pdf document)

The course materials include over 50 files including videos, pdf documents and exercise files (see screen recording: )


Transform numbers and data into business success.

Success depends on the ability to make the best business decisions. To do that, you must make the most of the numbers available to you.

This course will greatly enhance your ability to collect, analyse and forecast business and financial data to generate valuable insights from business data.


By the end of this course you’ll be able to:

  • Make better business decisions for greater profits
  • Understand the data that drives your business
  • Impress stakeholders, clients and managers with your insight and presentation skills
  • Maximise the value you get from your current tools and desktop systems
  • Save time and money spent on data handling thanks to your elevated efficiency

In this course you will learn:

  • How to turn buckets of data into sound business decisions
  • Financial modelling theory
  • Essential Excel analysis techniques such as Dynamic Ranges, and Advanced Charts
  • How to effectively and clearly present your findings to relevant stakeholders
  • Different forecasting techniques, including Moving Averages and Regression



Section 1: Introduction

▸Unit 1.1 – Turning Numbers into Better Business Decisions


Section 2: The Business Analyst’s Excel Toolbox

▸Unit 2.1 – Essential Excel for Business Analysis
▸Unit 2.2 – Professional Tools for Business Analysts


Section 3: Collecting and Managing Business Data

▸Unit 3.1 – Importing and Exporting Data
▸Unit 3.2 – Power Functions for Managing Business Data


Section 4: Communicating Your Message

▸Unit 4.1 – Your Stakeholders and Their Needs
▸Unit 4.2 – Data Presentation Formats That Work


Section 5: Winning Charts for Business Communication

▸Unit 5.1 – Professional Charting
▸Unit 5.2 – Dynamic Charts
▸Unit 5.3 – Some Special Charts for Business Analysis


Section 6: Looking Inside Your Data (Analysis)

▸Unit 6.1 – Analysing Data with Pivot Tables
▸Unit 6.2 – Managing Pivot Tables Output


Section 7: Comparing Business Scenarios

▸Unit 7.1 – Decision Making with Compared Scenarios
▸Unit 7.2 – The Scenario Manager


Section 8: Looking Outside Your Data (Forecasting)

▸Unit 8.1 – Time Series and Forecasting
▸Unit 8.2 – Working with Moving Averages
▸Unit 8.3 – Introduction to Regression


Section 9: Ending

▸Unit 9.1 – Ending


The course materials include over 50 files including videos, pdf documents and exercise files (see screen recording: